Time for your kitchen storage to get a full makeover? New doors, new drawers?

We can help you select new cabinet doors supplied through us, and we can install and stain the new doors and stain your existing frames to match - no veneer, only brand-new stain. Or we can paint the doors and frames in the same way. And if you like, we can build you new drawers and roll-outs, adding convenience to beauty.

The Process

  • We measure all your cabinet doors and drawers. Next, we buy the new doors you choose, following the measurements.
  • We prepare the cabinet frames. This careful preparation is the biggest difference from what our competitors do. Unlike those companies, we never glue veneer to frames to make them (more or less) match the new doors. Veneer may look good for a time, but because it's an extra layer of very thin material over the actual wood of the frame, it tends to chip or even peel up. That's why we stain or paint your frames from the bare wood, just as we do your cabinet doors. We do not cut corners by just sanding lightly and applying the new stain or paint on top of your current stain.
  •  We spray on the stain. That means no brush marks. Finally, we apply two coats of waterborne polyurethane for a smooth protective finish.
  • The process takes 17 days on average - two of those days inside the house. New cabinet doors take 10 days from order to delivery. Then we take about a week to prepare and stain or paint your cabinet doors and frames.


The Result

Like a new kitchen! Because we refinish your cabinet frames from the bare wood to match your new doors, and because we do everything with careful attention to detail.

The Cost

Why Pegasus Refinishing?

The cost of refacing depends on the size of your kitchen and the number of cabinets. But to give you an idea, for a single-family-size kitchen the average ticket is around $7,500. If you add functionality to your kitchen around 9,000.

If you want soft-close hinges, add $12.00 per cabinet.

If you want to add knobs or handles to your new doors, you'll need to buy your own hardware, as that's not a service we provide. But we'll install them for you, no problem. The labor cost for knobs is $3.00 per installation, and if you want to add handles, it's $5.00 per installation.

Why are we giving you a price?
Because we want to be very honest with you right from the start. Once we give you the estimate and you accept it, that's what you will be charged. No tricks, no extra charges or hidden fees. You will know exactly what we are charging per item.

We use only the best products and tools on the market and our workers are highly skilled and experienced. We've worked on so many kitchens that we know what we'll need to do in yours and how it will look as soon as you've decided on style, color, and any additional work you want done like drawers or roll-outs.


We guarantee our work for one year. During those fifty two weeks you can call us for touch-up at no charge.

        Call us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.


Refacing GALLERY

New Doors

We offer 18 different cabinet designs to choose from. We resell only the best of each style to you, at cost.

New Drawers

We build new drawer boxes to measure in solid wood (plywood with a maple finish),  either normal slide or soft-close.

New Cabinet-boxes

We build new roll-outs in solid wood (plywood with maple finish).